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4 insights from web user behavior research

Design your web based on user behavior research to design well. Your target audience may not be like you.

  1. Users are impatient and desire instant gratification.
  2. Users scan. Design with scannable layout (headings, categories, bullet lists, images, etc.) that fits eye sight trail.
  3. Users expend enough effort to satisfice. Design for minimal information and layout to accomplish user goal with minimum effort. Nothing more and nothing less.
  4. Users do not want to be challenged. Frictionless experience does not require thinking about how to use the website. Optimize design to be intuitive and familiar according to user behavior.

13 golden rules for website designing

What is the action goal you desire from users visiting your web site? You have 10 seconds or less to make a good first impression. Answer user questions quickly and intuitively. Krug’s first law of usability, the web-page should be obvious and self-explanatory. Who are you serving? Be user-centric. Target-audience behavior dictates design. What do they… Continue Reading


From web info to web action

Websites for information are valuable. They inform folks about life and death issues as well as not so drastic issues. But websites for information are not designed to get a response from visitors viewing their sites. And more than likely, such websites have no strategy to drive traffic to their sites. So, they float, largely… Continue Reading


3 steps to driving traffic from social media to your website

Just finished reading Neil Patel’s excellent article: Stop Guessing: Here’s a Social Media Strategy That Works. Below are my take away thoughts.   Understanding your Traffic Use Alexa and Google Adwords to study traffic demographics of popular sites that offer what you do. Questions to answer about your traffic (Design a survey): Why do they want… Continue Reading


3 Steps to Designing a Compelling Sales Page

The goal is to compel the viewer to buy something. The design should be simple, elegant, and fluid. The text is focused on one goal: to buy something.   The sales page is the first page visitors see when they click on your ad link or banner. They are not sent to the home page first. Why?… Continue Reading


7 Step Strategy for a Compelling Sales Page that Converts Viewers to Action

1. Compelling Target What is your best and main Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? This will target your viewers. All other offers for viewers are subset and supportive. Identify the target audience that is best matched to your USP.   2. Compelling Narrative Identify the pain points. What are client’s greatest struggles, biggest problems and worries.… Continue Reading


Your new web site on

Open your Domain registrar account (where you purchased your domain name), select your domain name link, and then select ‘domain name setup’ or ‘Transfer to another hosting DNS server’. Specify custom DNS servers by entering the domain name server(s) information into the proper field boxes (This is sent via email when your account is created by brineyweb).… Continue Reading


Email setup for your website

Open your webhost server account, and select email account link. Create an email name and password. The Primary email address, using cpanel login username, is for spillover email not for daily use. Suggestion: Though many email accounts can be created, only one is necessary to receive all emails. Suggestion: Additional email addresses desired should be… Continue Reading


Install WordPress on Hostgator

Open your web host server account cPanel, and select the Quickinstall. The following is for Quickstall: Click on WordPress, choose URL to install too, then fill in URL information. Select the correct domain name, from the drop down box, to which you will install. Admin email: is the new site’s email. Blog title: new of… Continue Reading


WordPress Settings

Open new web site login page to login. For example, domain name/wp-login.php Login information is located in your host server account, and should have been emailed to you. Updates Check for update notices. Update software such as plugins before modifying other settings. Settings/General Open Settings/General Site title will appear as the title of your web… Continue Reading