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3 Steps to Designing a Compelling Sales Page

The goal is to compel the viewer to buy something. The design should be simple, elegant, and fluid. The text is focused on one goal: to buy something.


The sales page is the first page visitors see when they click on your ad link or banner. They are not sent to the home page first. Why? Because they have already showed interest in your ad. Now the goal is to compel them to buy.


1. Connect with the viewer

  1. Viewers will spend only seconds looking for relevance between your offer and themselves.
  2. Clearly assure the benefit to the viewer.
  3. Clearly assure them that you can solve their problem.


2. Gain the trust of the viewer

  1. Clearly establish competence with credentials.
  2. Publish concise testimonies of problems solved and benefits gained.
  3. Guarantee your service and spell out what the viewer can expect from you.


3. Compel to act

  1. Reduce the friction of acting on your invitation to respond.
  2. Contacting you should be simple, hopeful, enticing, and safe.
  3. Repeat your guarantee of service. This is what viewers can expect from you.
  4. Act now ___________ to get this ________________.


Bonus suggestion

  1. Offer something free in order to gain viewer contact information.
  2. Assure the safety and privacy of viewer contact information.
  3. Emphasize value of your offer and the benefits of solving their problems.
  4. One other thing: be to sure deliver as promised. The goal is not to sell just once. The goal is to sell again and again. This requires a relationship.

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