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Your new web site on

  1. Open your Domain registrar account (where you purchased your domain name), select your domain name link, and then select ‘domain name setup’ or ‘Transfer to another hosting DNS server’.
  2. Specify custom DNS servers by entering the domain name server(s) information into the proper field boxes (This is sent via email when your account is created by brineyweb). The change can take as long as twenty-four hours, but often occurs much sooner.
  3. Go to to login.Your user name and password is sent via email when your account is created.

WordPress Settings

Open new web site login page to login. For example, domain name/wp-login.php Login information is located in your host server account, and should have been emailed to you. Updates Check for update notices. Update software such as plugins before modifying other settings. Settings/General Open Settings/General Site title will appear as the title of your web… Continue Reading