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Email setup for your website

  1. Open your webhost server account, and select email account link.
  2. Create an email name and password.
    1. The Primary email address, using cpanel login username, is for spillover email not for daily use.
    2. Suggestion: Though many email accounts can be created, only one is necessary to receive all emails.
    3. Suggestion: Additional email addresses desired should be forwarded to a catch-all account for the convenience of collecting emails into one account rather than many. Forwarding all emails to a gmail account, then forward emails from the gmail account to your catch-all account adds a layer of spam filtering protection.
    4. Suggestion: ** (use Google fetch) Too much spam from your email results in Your server becoming blacklisted with the email provider, and it will affect all of the users on the server. Alternatively, don’t use your email addresses. At the most, use only those needing to be used. For all others, forward the gmail catch-all account. They will not be available for spam use by others. Use your gmail address for everything on the web so that spammers can be caught by Google.
    5. Suggestion: If desired, create folders in your primary end point email account to sort and collect mail from or to specific addresses.
    6. Suggestion: Create Worm alert contact: Name it !000 with email address