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7 Step Strategy for a Compelling Sales Page that Converts Viewers to Action

1. Compelling Target

  1. What is your best and main Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? This will target your viewers.
  2. All other offers for viewers are subset and supportive.
  3. Identify the target audience that is best matched to your USP.


2. Compelling Narrative

  1. Identify the pain points. What are client’s greatest struggles, biggest problems and worries.
  2. Write a narrative that presents these problems in the client’s own words and expressions.
  3. Connect with your viewer’s problems and needs.


3. Compelling Trust

  1. Design web site to express competence that can be trusted.
  2. Design web site to look compellingly competent.
  3. Share testimonies about results that people can expect to get.


4. Compelling Advice

  1. Offer an e-book that reveals the competence of your advice.
  2. Show them what they can do to solve their problems.
  3. Help the viewer with advice, and they will return.


5. Compelling Benefits

  1. Rather than list what you do, list how the viewer benefits from your services.
  2. Show the viewer how you can help him solve his problems.
  3. Assure the viewer that he will personally benefit. It can happen for him.


6. Compelling Action

  1. Reduce the hesitation and pain of acting on your invitation to respond.
  2. Contacting you should be simple, hopeful, enticing, and safe.
  3. Repeat your guarantee of service. This is what viewers can expect from you.
  4. Act now ___________ to get this ________________.


7. Compelling Market

  1. Identify where your target can be found.
  2. Identify what elicits the best response from your target audience.
  3. Publish compelling ads to your target.



  1. Emphasize value to the viewer.
  2. Entice with an additional offer.
  3. Offer incentive to contact now.



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