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5 steps to designing a church website

  1. First of all, what is the action goal for your website? What is it that you want viewers to do as a result of visiting your website? If you have no particular goal in mind, then it matters not what you design. See: 13 golden rules for designing website.
  2. Design with behavior research in mind. See: 4 insights from web user behavior research
  3. Determine who your target audience is and what they want. For example:
    1. Users looking for a church to visit away from home.
    2. Users looking for a church to potentially visit regularly.
    3. Users looking for a church to participate in.
    4. Users looking for a church to join as a member.

  1. What do church visitors want to know?
    1. Will I be socially comfortable and welcomed?
    2. Will I see genuine, real, true desire to worship and fellowship, and honor for God?
    3. Will my family and I feel safe?
    4. Will I experience the presence and evidence of God?
    5. Can my family and I make friends here?
    6. Will I be able to easily find someone to talk to?
  2. What to show viewers on your website.
    1. All viewers 
      1. What do you look like?
      2. What is your name and denomination?
      3. Where are you located?
      4. What are you service times?
      5. Do you offer childcare?
      6. How can I contact you?
      7. Who is the pastor?
      8. How do you dress for service?
      9. What kind of services should I expect? Length, style, formality?
    2. Potential regular visitor
      1. What do you believe?
      2. What ministries are available?
      3. Meeting times of ministries?
      4. What kind of worship service do you have? Clapping, singing, band, etc.
      5. What is preaching like? Expository, homiletical, conversational, fire and brimstone
    3. Potential participant in church ministries
      1. What ministries do you provide?
      2. What needs do your ministries have that I can help with?
      3. What are the qualifications to get involved?
      4. Who do I contact to get involved?
    4. Potential church member
      1. What must I do to become a member?
      2. Who do I contact to talk about being a member?
      3. What is expected of members?

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